History is one of the most characteristic factors of viticultural zones. Raúl Pérez, Leonese named Best Winemaker of the World 2014 and 2016, explains in the first chapter of this documentary series the history of León’s wines.

It starts from the origins. In the X-XI century the wine has a connotation linked to the monasteries and the Camino de Santiago in this area. However, the exact origin of Prieto Picudo is not known, but it is a perfect wine for winemaking. This is due to the fact that the skin-pulp ratio is one of the highest that exists.

The climate and soil properties of the area enhance the quality of the grapes and wine. Very long vintages are produced with very slow macerations, which makes it a unique variety. While the elaboration of the rosés is fermented in caves and the low temperature gives its “natural needle”.

León is a multi-purpose area that has a recent one with rosé wines, as well as a great wealth of red wines. Having wines that last in history characterizes a good wine area.