Pardevalles by quadruple entry, Peláez, Vinícola Valmadrigal, Melgarajo, Gordonzello in two categories, Pincerna, Cien Cepas and Tampesta, awarded in the best wines contest

Coyanzachef Junior opened in Valencia de Don Juan the third and last day of the XXI León Denomination of Origin Wine Fair, which closed with the delivery of prizes from the parallel program competitions and those from the contest that chose the best wines -three per category of whites, rosés and young reds and reds with wood- among the 53 who showed up.

The brass band Pasodoble provided a musical setting to the morning of a very lively day that concluded with a balance of around 25,000 visitors at the end of the fair, an absolute record in the activity with the greatest convening power of all the programs annually the Town Hall of Villa Coyantina.

The wine contest had as prize-winners, always in that order from first to third, the Pardevalles, Pardevalles Carroleón (Bodega Pardevalles) and Papalaguinda (Ángel Peláez) wines, all from the Albarín variety, in the white category; Castillo de Valmadrigal (Vinícola Valmadrigal), Valdeleña (Melgarajo) and Gurdos (Gordonzello), the three Prieto Picudo monovarietals, in the rosé category ; Pardevalles (Pardevalles), Peregrino (Gordonzello) and Pincerna (Pincerna), also of the native variety, in the case of young reds, and< strong> Cien Cepas (Cien Cepas), Maurilia (Pardevalles) and Golán (Andrés Marcos-Tampesta), also from the reference winery, in the red with wood

In the Coyanzachef Junior, for which references to grapes or wine were required as distinctive elements in the teamwork of children and their companions, the duo Leticia-Diego prevailed in preparation and that of Sergio-Gemma in presentation.

Finally, Emiliano Alonso Pérez was the winner in the draw for sealed booklets for wines served at the winery stands and received 62 bottles of wine as a prize, the same number that corresponds to his age .

DO León