For the fourth time, the second consecutive, achieves the highest recognition for the quality of its vintage white, rosé and red wines with just 3.5 million kilos

The liveliness and purity and the marked varietal character of the wines were the most valued aspects by the qualifying committee made up of winegrowers, winemakers and winemakers

The Denomination of Origin León repeats for the 2019 vintage the excellent rating that it had already achieved in 2018 and previously, also consecutively, in 2014 and 2015.
It was awarded a qualifying committee made up of representatives of winegrowers, winemakers and winemakers in a tasting held this time at the headquarters of the Regulatory Council itself – it has always been
public – as a consequence of restrictions imposed to preserve health security. And he also did it with the highest possible score: zero points on an inverse scale in which that
numerical reference marks excellence by not adding defects worthy of consideration.

The qualification committee took as reference three white wines of the Albarín variety and three rosé wines – one of them stemmed – and also three red wines – including one made by the carbonic maceration process – from Prieto Picudo, the two native vinifers with which practically all the wineries attached to the Regulatory Council produce their high-quality single-varietals.

It was precisely the great liveliness, cleanliness and purity and the marked varietal character that were most valued by the jury in a late qualification – usually carried out in the first days of
May— for the profile of wines produced in this production area in the south of the province, in this case from a low-volume harvest that did not reach 3.5 million kilos.


The wines of the 2019 vintage maintain the quality line that has been appreciated in recent years. The damages caused to the vineyards by the frosts of 2017 caused that the productions of the following years have been very adjusted in terms of quantity of grapes per hectare, which from a qualitative point of view translated into excellent vintages. In fact, that of 2017 achieved the recognition of “very good” and already in 2018 it achieved the “excellent”. Those of this 2019 edition are again characterized by the very high level of whites, all of them made with the Albarín variety. They are very aromatic and expressive wines, and with a passage through the mouth that expresses the perfect blend of alcoholic strength and acidity. The same line is followed by the rosé wines, which came to the tasting of the vintage in an excellent moment of evolution, preserving all the freshness and intensity of the Prieto Picudo and perfectly integrating the needle in the case of wines made with the ripening technique. But it is in the reds where perhaps the evolution that these elaborations are following with the star variety is most clearly manifested: extremely fruity wines on the nose that clearly transmit the potential of this wine, with a passage through the mouth in which the Tannins are present but very controlled. As a novelty this year, it is noteworthy that the elaborations have been recovered by the carbonic maceration process with extraordinary results that will undoubtedly please those who are lovers of this type of winemaking.