Close your eyes

Rafael Blanco - Presidente de la DO Tierra de León

Imagine now a land of gently rolling hills, like scrolls on which history was written and where generations of field labourers found shelter in their heroic struggle for sustenance.

Feel the caress of the sweet breeze as it sways the ripening wheat in green waves and as it tugs at the fresh stalks of vine like a promise of eternal spring, only broken by the yellow and ochre of autumn heralding the arrival of the new wine.

Breathe in deeply and surrender to the refreshing and incomparable embrace of the subtle aromas of the Albarin grape.

Gently swirl your glass and discover the startling pink nuances hidden within the depths of a rosé. And let a Prieto Picudo red wine wash over your taste buds softly and titillatingly until you feel its pure character, strength and persistence emerge in your mouth… and linger in your memory. You will find it impossible to forget.


And now imagine that you weren’t imagining it.

Open your eyes and smile. Yes, you are in Tierra de León.