Wines with history

More than half a century has passed since Pedro Casis, a winemaker from Rioja, arrived in these lands bordering the Way of St. James. Here, he fell in love, settled down and dedicated his whole life to passionately looking after the vineyards and wines which, year after year, ripened in his wine cellars.

His passion, work and determination led to the first Prieto Picudo Gran Reserva wine with Tierra de León designation of origin, winning international awards and proving that the hard work in the vineyards, masterful handling of the barrels and passion for a job well done make history.

This love was passed on to his daughter Ana who, under her father’s guidance, learnt step by step how to innovate whilst staying rooted in tradition, though always with a touch of rebellion, which is particularly apparent in the Los Turuntales wines.

The underlying spirit of Bodegas Casis winery is that its wines embody the full character of these lands.

If you would like to follow the fascinating journey from our vineyards to where the wines are made, book the visit that best suits your style and taste. We will be delighted to receive you in person.

Together we will create a different experience.


Bacchus de Oro

  • Bacchus de Oro
  • Casis Gran Reserva
  • Tinto
  • Prieto Picudo
  • Añada 2006

Bacchus de Plata

  • Bacchus de Plata
  • Tinto Casis Prieto Picudo
  • Tinto
  • Prieto Picudo
  • Añada 2011