At 1.30 p.m., in the Calle Mayor in Valencia de Don Juan, glasses will once again be raised to participate in a simultaneous and collective toast throughout the country to vindicate the role of the DOs in rural areas as a driving force for socio-economic, environmental and cultural development

The León Designation of Origin will once again join the DO Wine Day, which will be commemorated by designations of origin from all over the country and which, in its seventh edition, will be held next Saturday, the 13th. For the third consecutive year, the Control Board is organising this activity, which will take place in the Calle Mayor in Valencia de Don Juan, the headquarters of the DO León, with the collaboration of the Town Council of the town of Coyantina. On this occasion there will be a record number of participants, as 37 appellations will finally take part in this activity promoted by the Spanish Conference of Wine Regulatory Councils (CECRV). At 1.30 p.m., thousands of people will raise their glasses from different parts of the country to take part in a large, simultaneous, collective toast.

In this edition, under the slogan “Designations of origin, collective heritage“, the aim will be to vindicate the role played by the deós in rural areas, from various points of view: socio-economic, by encouraging the development of the economy in these areas, offering job opportunities and life projects for future generations, and thus helping to generate a desire to live and promote projects in rural areas, thus fixing the population in them; the environmental, promoting the creation of positive ecosystems in these areas and preserving and promoting biodiversity; and the cultural, as an instrument that contributes to revitalising and boosting the resources of these areas as an element of promotion of the historical and artistic heritage of the territory through tourism linked to the designations of origin.

Enjoyment and vindication is the formula developed for the celebration of DO Wine Day, a collective action that, since it was born in 2017, has a permanent aspiration: to sow the seed for a Wine Day to be officially declared in our country and thus ensure that this sector has an annual date with which to make visible to society what wine means and what it brings to the territories and their people. It is also a claim supported by a non-legislative proposal, approved in the Congress of Deputies in 2017, which urges the Government to declare Wine Day.

In Valencia de Don Juan, the festive activity will begin at 13.00 with musical entertainment. At 13.30 there will be a collective and simultaneous toast with 36 other designations of origin from all over the country. And at 14.00 there will be a tour of the establishments taking part in the initiative with the accompaniment and good humour of the local charangas Pasodoble and Gurugú.

DO León