The Regulatory Council of the Designation of Origin León rejects the unjustified interference and the repugnant campaign of the Ministry of Equality against a winery from Bierzo, which it accuses of “sexualising the image of women for promotional purposes” on the label of one of its wines and on a billboard indicating its location in Molinaseca. The image depicts a woman on her back wearing a bikini with red hearts on a Mediterranean beach and is a pictorial work, like those of the other wines of the Almázcara Majara project, by the artist Josep Moscardó for the Godello “Demasiado corazón“, which the Encima Wines winery has been marketing with this presentation for the last twelve years.

The León Designation of Origin encourages the promoters of the wine project to persist in the defence of its noble principles and expresses its solidarity with them and, in a very special way, with the women who participate in it, exemplary for their vocational dedication and majority in this strictly family business with a long winemaking trajectory. He also extends his embrace to his colleagues in the Bierzo Denomination of Origin and regrets that from a political sector they see with the small eyes of confusion what is only art. Outside and inside the bottle, because wine is also art.

DO León