The ‘Castillo de Valmadrigal’ and ‘Vega Carriegos’ win the highest distinction, seconded on this occasion by the ‘Gurdos’, ‘Valjunco’, ‘Esencia 33’, all from the 2023 vintage.

The Concours Mondial de Bruxelles, in its original mention, awarded wines from the León Designation of Origin with two gold medals and three silver medals in the first session of the competition, dedicated exclusively to rosés. Castillo de Valmadrigal (Vinícola Valmadrigal-Castrotierra de Valmadrigal) and Vega Carriegos (Señorío de los Arcos-Ardoncino) both won gold medals in one of the most important wine competitions in the world and the first major European event of the activity. Los Gurdos (Gordonzello-Gordoncillo), Valjunco (Vile La Finca-Valdevimbre) and Esencia 33 (Meóriga-Mayorga de Campos) all won silver medals for the quality of the rosés from León in 2023.

These very important distinctions come in addition to the eleven medals -five gold, three silver and three bronze- for the Albarín whites and Prieto Picudo rosés and reds won in the first two competitions of the year, Atlantic y Vinespaña, and reaffirm the excellent organoleptic qualities of the vinifications made from the native varieties of reference of the León DO.

The Concours Mondial de Bruxelles has positioned itself in the world as a benchmark wine competition. Its independence, rigour and established tasting process guarantee consumers the quality of the award-winning wines they buy. 1,205 rosé wines from all over the world competed in Dalmatia (Croatia) for the CMB medals. In the first session of this year’s competition, devoted entirely to rosé wines, the 55 international tasters awarded medals to wines from 32 countries, with a majority of wines from France, Italy, Portugal, Croatia and Romania. On this stage, Spain confirmed its position as a producer of great rosés, with 57 award-winning wines, almost a third of all the Spanish samples submitted for tasting.

The Concours Mondial de Bruxelles is an international and itinerant event divided into four sessions (rosés, whites and reds, sparkling and sweet and fortified wines) in which producers from all over the world present more than ten thousand wines to be tasted and evaluated by a panel of experts. Experienced international specialists blind taste the wines with no other aim than to distinguish those of irreproachable quality, without any prejudices linked to the label or the prestige of the appellation of origin. The competition is one of the most important international events of its kind.

DO León