Wines with personality, body and elegance

The winery producing these wines is located in Melgar de Abajo, in Valladolid province. We hand-pick the grapes, placing them in hampers with a capacity of about 21 kilos which are immediately taken to the winery to be mechanically stripped of their stems, followed by another selection before sending them to the fermentation vats. All this happens quickly so that the grapes reach their destination in the best possible condition. The time taken from picking to entering the fermentation vat is less than 2 hours.

The Cea River exerts a noticeable influence on our vineyards, which are situated to one side. Owing to the high altitude of the plateau where they are located, bordering on the fields of the province of Valladolid and the wastelands of León, and not far from the edge of the mountain relief of the Cantabrian range, the climate is marked by long winters with mists and frost; an irregular spring period where mild temperatures alternate with frosts; summers with scorching and arid periods alternating with cold spells; and soft and generally rainy autumns.