Respect for our land

For centuries, our ancestors grew our native Prieto Picudo grape, extracting from it light and fruity wines intended primarily for home consumption or for sale in the immediate vicinity.

The area where our modern winery is located used to be an area of extensive vineyards which gradually diminished in the course of the 20th century until their virtual disappearance. Our first steps consisted in planting new vines of the native Prieto Picudo variety, followed by building the winery itself.

The winery is equipped with stainless steel tanks, combining technological improvements with traditional winemaking. At the heart lies a cellar containing new barrels of French, American and Bulgarian oak where the wine is aged for a minimum of one year.

Production is geared to rosé and crianza (aged) red wine. In either case, our efforts are centred on interpreting and respecting the qualities of our exclusive grape variety whilst seeking a complex, modern and distinctive wine.