It publishes 5,000 coasters with a QR code to get the support of the hotel and catering industry and the votes of individuals

The Designation of Origin León supports the candidacy of Casa Botines Gaudí to become the Best European Museum of the Year, an award that for this space would mean the recognition of its firm commitment to the recovery of the architectural and artistic heritage, making it available to society and the international dissemination of the work of the brilliant architect Antonio Gaudí, and in general of the city and the province of León.

One of the criteria most valued by the jury is the support of society for the museum. For this reason, Casa Botines created the hashtag #DeBotinesaEuropa, so that visitors could post their photographs under this slogan and thus add votes.

The Regulatory Council of the León Designation of Origin pledged its support for the candidacy and took charge of publishing five thousand coasters that will be distributed in the bars of the Entorno Gaudí area and in the catering establishments of Valencia de Don Juan with a QR code to register the support of individuals. To this end, a publicity campaign was also carried out during the three weeks of the celebration of Momentos DO León-La Feria en los Bares, obtaining hundreds of personal endorsements.