Coyança Sound Fest will bring together a singer-songwriter, two DJs and four of the most successful bands in the big summer festivals all over the country on its stages next Saturday, in a double musical day

The Regulatory Council of the Denomination of Origin León, in its capacity as main collaborator, will actively participate with the City Council of Valencia de Don Juan in the organisation of Supersóniça, a music festival that in its first edition will take place, free of charge for the attending public, on a double day throughout next Saturday, 3 September, in Valencia de Don Juan. Coyança Sound Fest, which is closely linked to the local Albarín and Prieto Picudo wines produced in the south of the province, will have two stages for the long morning and afternoon/evening sessions. Dj Pedro Pablo (12.00) and Saltitos Pinchadiscos (13.00), an essential duo in all the promotional street activities of the Denominación de Origen León, the singer-songwriter Moris (14.00) and the Saltipedros session (Pedro Pablo+Saltitos) will occupy the first stage on the Calle Mayor, with a short break at 1.00 for a massive toast with wine from the León DO to the future of Supersóniça.

Electrocálico Dj will open (19.30) the evening music session on the big stage in the Plaza Mayor to give way to live performances by the groups Los Vinagres (20.30), Grises (21.45), El Columpio Asesino (23.30) and Cala Vento (1.30), which will bring the curtain down on this first edition of Supersónica.

At the same time, with a presence on two stands next to the two stages, the Denominación de Origen León will carry out informative and promotional activities throughout the day, based on an agreement with the hotel and catering sector in Valencia de Don Juan, with the aim of encouraging moderate and responsible consumption of its wines, which will also be represented at the main bar. Consumers of their wines in the establishments participating in the initiative will have access to bracelets and hats commemorating the festival, fans, free wines and other merchandising items. In addition, by means of the tokens that will be given to them in the bars, they will be able to participate in the draw for four DO León experiences (wines and agri-food products from the region) that will be raffled on Sunday, the 4th, at 2.30 p.m., at the stand again located in the Calle Mayor.

The Supersóniça festival is born with a vocation to last and with a first edition that is a declaration of intent to fill the Vega del Esla with indie music, a genre that will attract both locals and visitors from all over the province who will come to the town of Coyantina to enjoy what will be a different day. The festival programme is free for those attending and will also be the prelude to the subsequent patron saint festivities. One of the pillars on which this festival was born is undoubtedly to combine indie music with the rural environment, bringing to the province the possibility of enjoying bands that have triumphed on the bill of many of the most successful festivals held throughout the Spanish geography this summer.

DO León