Melgarajo is an experience of Sustainable Rural Development promoted at the end of the 90s by a group of winegrowers from Melgar de Abajo (Valladolid), who have been joined by other enthusiastic vine and wine lovers; more than 190 people driven by the love of the countryside, the vine and this land, located in the Ribera del Cea between the provinces of Valladolid and León, and within the Designation of Origin “León”.

Our wines

Melgarajo offers its wines under the brand name “Valdeleña“: young red wine, red wine aged in oak barrels and highly fruity rosé wine, all of them of the “Prieto Picudo” variety, complemented with white wine of the “Verdejo” variety. Melgarajo also offers crianza, reserva and gran reserva wines of the “Prieto Picudo” variety, under the brand name “Melgus“.

The production of these high quality wines begins in the plantation, selecting the best fruit from the best vineyards, picking the bunches when they are perfectly ripe; continuing in the winery, with a winemaking process under the best conditions.


One of the important tasks carried out is the research with minority varieties such as “Negro Saurí“, whose toponymy has already been recognised and used, which provides freshness, innovation, new opportunities, as well as great quality in both reds and rosés, and “Prieto Picudo Oval” in collaboration with ITACYL and other entities.

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