Garage Wines

We are a different winery, a “Clandestine Winery” formed in 2015 by two winemakers, Gregorio Gordaliza and Víctor Garrido, who have decided to make their own wine, a garage wine, a wine with character, different, with all the knowledge of years of work for other wineries, but with all the risk of an innovative winery, “clandestine”, because the rules are there to be skipped.

The concept of garage wine makes perfect sense to us, since, after a long trajectory making wine for other wineries and in other regions, we were attracted by the idea of putting down roots in our land and making wine with our grapes, the “prieto picudo” and the “albarín“, in a different way to how it is done in a large winery, from following the grapes in the field to receiving them, making and aging them in the winery, giving all the care, and dedicating the necessary time in each of the steps until the final result is achieved.

The garage wines are authentic author’s wines, produced by micro wineries. They are produced in a traditional way, in a process in which the accent is more on quality than on quantity. In fact, their production is usually very small, less than 2,000 bottles per year. Therefore, they are very exclusive products, prepared with great care.

The term garage, owes its name to Jean-Luc Thunevin. In 1989, the forerunner of this original idea began to cultivate a small plot of barely one hectare in the heart of the famous Saint-Emilion vineyards. Together with his wife, they made their wines in the garage of their house. This is how “Château Valandraud, Saint-Emilion Grand Cru” was invented. The first bottles were immediately respected by the critics.

In this way, we can define garage wines as wines produced in small quantities, in tiny places such as garages or workshops, rather than in a cellar, but made with great care in the phases of cultivation and winemaking.

Small productions, wines with attention to detail

If large wineries use technology to protect their vineyards, chemicals to avoid problems in large productions, the garage wine, can boast of caring for the production of grapes in a more natural, more environmentally friendly, and caring for all processes, something that requires a lot of time and dedication, which is impossible for wines of large runs.

Garage Wine, flees from that segment and strives to produce authentic wines, cared for from the grape cultivation, collected with care and cleanliness, vinifying with procedures that respect the characteristics of each grape and each vintage.

This way of working, of conceiving life, allows us to enjoy a great richness of scents, body and flavours, with a degree of authenticity well above average.

This is how Garage Wines are, wines of very limited production; very exclusive wines in their majority, and made with great passion