A project inspired by the tradition of ancestral elaborations

Bodegas Vinalia Tierras de León, gives the mime and time to the grapes, to become great wines, always using the varieties of one of the best viticultural areas, being in the valley where the best climatic conditions for the vineyard are given. A project inspired by the tradition of ancestral elaborations.

The winery with a total capacity of 2 million kg is built in two phases, one first in 1964 and a second phase in 1969, designed for the production of wines taking advantage of the gravity that nature brings us.

There are three heights to minimize physical operations, such as pumping that allows musts and wines to go by their own weight, so that the loss of aromas decreases, thus retaining all its organoleptic characteristics. At these heights, the first level serves for the pre-fermentation maceration of our white and rosé wines, as well as the maceration and fermentation of the reds.
Once macerated or fermented in the case of reds, it bleeds directly by gravity, for the deposit that is just one level below. In the rosés and the whites a racking is carried out, that is, they are left 24 hours for the removal of the lees by decantation. The clean must is transferred by its weight to the next level below the final deposit where alcoholic fermentation will be carried out at a controlled temperature where it does not exceed 15 ° C. The red wines after the alcoholic fermentation, pass by gravity to the next level below to do the malolactic fermentation if they are destined for young wines or barrels if they are destined for a wood aging.

At present, VINALIA TIERRAS DE LEÓN has an approximate production of 5,000 bottles of Verdejo variety white wine, about 60,000 bottles of 100% pink weevil, of which 7,000 are of a “mother” rosé, 10,000 bottles of young red wine and 5,000 bottles of wine raised in wood.